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Icelandic Wool Skirts

Wool skirts by Icelandic Designs We couldn’t resist offering you these striking skirts, some of which match...

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Perfect for small things inside your purse (phone, camera, tech cords, glasses, makeup, meds, $, snacks, etc.,...

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It’s a blanket! It’s a coat! It’s Blankoat! Wear it loose or bundle up. It even comes with...

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  No matter the situation, you will feel heavenly in this versatile, 100% down pullover. Wear as a sweater...

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Jersey Scarf with FlowerPatch

Our new, charcoal jersey knit scarf/wrap is something women of all ages will LOVE, as there are endless ways to...

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Winter leggings-fleece/fur lined

We call these leggings one of our answers to the coldest of winters because they are so divinely cozy and warm....

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Fleece Skirt

A sporty fleece skirt that works well over your cute leggings and under you down Minne-Skirt! If you’re...

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A stylish tunic made from a mix of merino and tencel, making it warm as well as wrinkle resistant.  Very stylish,...

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