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These luxurious mohair socks are a perfect winter weight to keep your feet warm and cozy during the cold season, however, due to their breathability, many of our customers wear them year-round.


  • they are made from kid (baby goat) mohair, a very fine and soft fiber
  • they will outwear wool by 4 times.
  • warmest, comfiest socks EVER!!!
  • wicking
  • durable! No more thin bottoms or heels/toes wearing through.
  • these cozy socks come in all sizes for men and women
  • 2 lengths to choose from: short–low ankle; and tall–boot height
  • 2 color choices – grey, black

What is kid mohair?

Kid mohair is sheared from kid goats, during their first year of life.  It is the finest, softest, most luxurious of the mohair grades.  Only 1 million pounds of this grade of fiber is produced worldwide per year, compared to 2 million TONS of sheeps wool. It is called the diamond fiber because it is very strong and rare.  It is as soft as cashmere, yet wears out the stainless steel parts in the knitting machines.

What makes these socks so great?

  • They are made with a terry knit, which adds cushion and ultimate comfort.
  • Kid mohair is very insulating, protecting your feet from the cold and sub-zero outdoor weather.  Over the years they have been worn up every major peak, including Everest, and have been worn on both poles. They are the best socks for those working in steel-toed boots or playing in the cold outdoors or for those who suffer from cold feet due to health issues.
  • They are the most durable socks you will ever wear!  There is no tougher natural fiber that can take the continual foot rubbing that occurs when you walk, and they will outwear anything you have worn.
  • Mohair wicks away moisture and can hold water many times its weight without your foot feeling wet.
  • They also deter bad foot odor.

See what our customers have to say (in the reviews) and why they keep coming back to purchase more for themselves and the entire family!

Made in Canada!
Materials: 75% kid mohair, 25% nylon.
Colors: grey and black.
Lengths: short/low ankle and tall/boot height.

Care: machine wash cold or warm, air dry. (If they accidentally sneak into the dryer they won’t shrink like sheep’s wool, but try to avoid it.)

NOTE: if you order Men’s Large 10-12 the label will actually say 11-12. We recommend this size for men size 10 versus the smaller size 7-9 (which they changed to 8-10)

12 reviews for TherMohair Socks

  1. Erin (verified owner)

    I bought these for my husband and I a year ago and they are both our favorites. Bought him another pair for Christmas as well as a pair as a gift. So comfortable to sleep in, your feet stay warm but not hot. Worth every penny.

  2. Heather Sullivan

    I hated to take them off

  3. Ron

    I don’t go hunting (deer in MN, elk in northern Canada) without them. My feet have never been cold. If my feet sweat or I step in water and my boots get damp, they remain dry because the socks are so absorbent. Sometimes I can practically wring out my socks at the end of the day. I hang them on the end of my bunk overnight, and they are dry in the morning.

  4. Darcie (verified owner)

    They are the best thing for my neuropathy. Keep my feet nice and toasty and the burn goes away.

  5. Chris Hohman

    These are the best warmest socks I’ve ever had. They are really comfy and soft. And they wear like iron. They are a steal at this price.

  6. Jean (verified owner)

    These will keep your tootsies warm, inside a pair of slippers or boots. I often wear them — by themselves — as I sit at my desk, year round.

  7. ning (verified owner)

    I’ve bought 10 pairs and counting! love them, they wear really well, wash well! thank you!

  8. Jean (verified owner)

    These socks are amazing. For a person with perpetually cold feet, even in August, I couldn’t stand to craw in bed at night without them. Far better than anything else I’ve ever tried.

  9. Kathy

    These are the only socks I ever wear. I even wear them in the summer with my birks. They are worth every single penny. Amazing!

  10. M

    I bought s pair of these at a Vancouver christmas market last year, and Ive been trying to find them again! Without s doubt the best socks I’ve ever owned, and worth every penny. They’re so thick and warm and comfy…

  11. linda

    Warm and comfy. The BEST sleeping socks ever. I got mine large and loose for that reason. My daughter wears hers in her boots and loves them. My husband says they are the very best socks inside his slippers in the cold MN winter. 🙂

  12. Joe Peters

    Love them. Very comfortable to wear around the house. Perfect for sleeping in if you have cold feet in the winter like me. Super comfortable!

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