Waxed Cotton Duck Hats


NEW   We have a new hat style for the heim-made hat lovers! It is a casual style, made from waxed cotton on the exterior (so they are waterproof), a contrasting brim from quality, recycled wool shirts, and flannel for lining (on most).  Each is one of a kind, as is the heim-made style, so you have several to pick from.  They are just as suited for rough and tough camping, canoeing, and hiking, as they are for “on the go” in the neighborhood and town.

They come in 3 sizes:  S/M, M/L, and Xl/XX.  Gretchen in modeling them, and wears the smallest size, for your visual reference.

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1 S/M, 2 S/M, 3 S/M, 4 S/M, 5 S/M, 6 S/M, 7 M/L, 8 M/L, 9 M/L, 10 M/L, 11 M/L, 12 M/L, 13 M/L, 14 M/L, 15 L/XL, 16 L/XL, 17 L/XL, 18 L/XL, 19 L/XL, 20 L/XL, 21 L/XL, 22 L/XL, 23 L/XL, 24 L/XL, 25 L/XL, 26 L/XL


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