minneskirt \mi-nē-skûrt\  noun
1. a well-tailored, down-insulated skirt designed in Minnesota;
2. a jacket for your “butt”;
3. used to enjoy anything else that takes you outside, i.e. commutes, errands, snowshoeing, skiing and biking – or cold indoors. Perfect for hockey games and tournaments;
4. keeps you cozy in cold offices and drafty houses.


And now REVERSIBLE with a red, plaid pattern!
when laying flat (elastic in the back will allow for more room for the waist if needed)

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“A jacket for your “behind””, we like to say, used to out-smart old man winter and enjoy anything else that might take you outside – commutes, errands, team sports, hockey fans, skiing and biking! Also great for cold offices and drafty houses! And NOW available  reversible with a plaid pattern!

XS       S          M        L        XL        XXL
12.5     13.5     15     15.5      16.5       18.5       Waist

17        18         19       21       21.5       23       Hip

17.5     17.75     18      19       19           20      Front length SHORT SKIRT

27        28         29      30      30.5                  Front length LONG SKIRT


Recently feature in Outside Magazine as a Go-To winter fashion!


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