And The Spartan Renovations Continue

Now that we’ve really begun to get our hands dirty fixing up the Spartan, we’ve really been amazed at the quality of the materials it was made with. The walls are all stamped “aircraft aluminum” and even the studs are solid aluminum.

Believe it or not, we’re already about half done with our renovations. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty to do. We have to replace the window glides, cut and install new front windows, insulate it, put wall and floor covering on. There’s still the heater, air conditioner, lights and sound system to install. We’ll need to polish it (OMG) and we definitely will need signage, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,!

So I guess we still have a ways to go. With some good muscle and a little luck, our traveling trailer will be in operation sometime this fall. If not, then we’ll be rolling by spring.

after first cleaning
Spartan shot after 1st cleaning
Our Spartan's insides after gutting.
Our Spartan’s insides after gutting.
Little by little we are making panels
Little by little we are making panels

A big, special Spartan renovation thanks goes to…

Before we go any further, I must take a moment and give 95% of the credit for our grand Spartan adventure turning into something real to my husband (and Gretchen’s dad), Ron. Thanks to his engineering and bravery, we got the Spartan home during an ice storm. He’s done all the wiring; he’s putting on a new axle, tires, hitch, plus a lot more! And we are quite grateful.

He’s never once said us we were crazy. He just asks, “Can you tell me exactly how and where you are going to use this thing?”

And since he mentioned it, that’s something we could use a little help with.

We are finding that our standard selling venues are not quite as excited about the Spartan as we are, so we are looking for some new places and spaces to bring it for selling our heim-made products. Do you have any suggestions or ideas for us?

Of course we thought it would be too fun to find an event that was a “trailer mall”! Anyone interested in organizing one in the metro area? Give us a call, we’ll be the first to sign up. We’d have so much fun, I just know it!

PS Have you seen our latest creations?

More to come,