About Us


About heim-made—“where haute meets cold”

heim-made is a homegrown, home-spun business, started in northern MN by mother and daughter partners Rose and Gretchen Heim. What started as the “GCLRP” (Gretchen’s College Loan Repayment Plan), has now blossomed into a fun, boutique, seasonal business for them both.

They make, design or share unique, fashionable, functional cold-weather apparel and accessories, as well as gift items. In their German heritage Heim means “home”, so their company name aptly reflects the “who” and “what” of their business.

Some of their products include down skirts, vests, and jackets; hats made from recycled coats and welt felting; faux fur scarves, mitts, shawls, and adorable leggings and tights. They focus on clever and thoughtful solutions for being prepared in the cold while looking and feeling great!


About the Heims:

I retired from a rewarding career of teaching K-12 visual art in 2008, where I taught every art form imaginable. The focus of my personal art was primarily painting and drawing, but I loved any project involving creativity. I passionately designed (and helped construct) the interior, exterior, and landscape design of our handcrafted log home, the process of which is ongoing. When Gretchen started showing her Morgan horses on a national level during her high school years, we started our first clothing design collaborations. We designed (and had made by local, talented ladies) all of her show outfits, including her woven horse blankets. If we couldn’t find what we wanted, we’d say, “We can do that.” And we did. When Gretchen graduated from college, we used that motto to create our own line of luscious body products, which evolved into our current focus on ladies’ cold weather apparel and accessories. We know, first hand, the frustrations of finding quality, fall/winter clothing that is fashionable, as well as warm and functional. We’ve answered with our heim-made designs. We are energized by the enthusiasm and appreciation we receive from so many of you. We are constantly working on bringing you more unique products and detailing!


I worked my way to the big city graduating from Bemidji State University and then attending a post-graduate program for advertising art direction called the Miami Ad School in Minneapolis, MN. I interned in Chicago, NY, and Hamburg, Germany – letting my wings spread to a world and friends I couldn’t have imagined. I settled in Minneapolis with my first art director job and have been enjoying the fun, creative, challenging journey ever since. Running my own business like Heim-Made has been a great perspective when I work with my own design clients. Currently, I’m a freelance Creative Director in the Twin Cities (and beyond) and working on Heim-Made.

Our Vision:

Heim-made as a solution to our biggest problem – getting through BRUTALLY COLD MN WINTERS warm and in style!

Heim-made is for every woman who is forced to hibernate inside because they are also frustrated with their clothing being bulky, frumpy, uncomfortable, and just doesn’t keep them warm. We’ve tested and approved our current line in the depths of cold MN elements and according to our customers, they are now actually ENJOYING and THRIVING in winter!

So, over the last 10 years, we’ve come to realize we’re more than an apparel company – we are a JOY company!

Animal Welfare:
We insist our partners comply with the Waterfowl Animal Welfare Commitment standards on the duck down that is used in our products. Down is ideal insulation because it keeps us warm by trapping air and it is prized for being light, easy to compress, long-lasting, and breathable. It’s the insulation of choice in cold, dry conditions, or whenever reducing weight and saving space are top priorities.

Down is a sustainable resource. Natural insulation reduces our footprint compared to synthetic insulation because it is biodegrade. Polyester fibers are made with crude oil, takes longer to decompose and it has a greater impact on landfills if it’s not recycled in some way.

We work with manufacturers that have credible accreditations and certifications related to human rights, working conditions, and management systems. We are committed to selecting partners that comply with international labor standards.