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    Black Jacket

    A fashionable jacket on its own, but designed for layers–merino shirt under and down vest over. A matching asymmetrical asymmetrical zipper to the vest, hidden pockets and the cutest pleated back you’ve ever seen. These are currently on “pre-order” and should be sent out around Oct 15, 2015. Thanks for your patience! It will be well worth...

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    Comfy Leggings

    These leggings are not as heavy as our velour ones, but they are equally luxurious, and still warm and cozy.  They have a soft, flannel like feel and are great for any occasion.  They come in 2 prints, one grey and charcoal and the other multi-colored.  They have plenty of stretch and are true to size. Material: 80% polyester, 15% supplex nylon, 5% lycra Machine wash on gentle, cold water, no bleach. Machine dry on low heat, or hang dry....

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    Down Vest

    NEW for 2014: • zips to side so zipper pull is out of your face • extra long collar for wind protection • magnets located inside to keep vest from flopping open • secret cell phone pocket on front • extra pocket inside • designed to wear with...

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    Fleece Skirt

    A sporty fleece skirt that works well over your cute leggings and under you down Minne-Skirt.

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    A stylish tunic made from a mix of merino and tencel, making it warm as well as wrinkle resistant.  Very stylish, including scoop neck, asymmetrical hem line, baggy front pocket, and flower at the wrist. Perfect over our wide selection of leggings. Machine washable, in sizes...

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    Winter leggings-fleece/fur lined

    We call these leggings one of our answers to the coldest of winters because they are so divinely cozy and warm.  The Scandinavian print leggings have thick  fleece lining and the solid black a faux fur lining. Both styles are true to size, but the solid black are a little stretchier–we’ve heard from customers that the XL in the black fits them as well as the XXL in the print.  Easy slip on, wide waistband for comfort, smooth surface on the outside with a fleecy/furry...

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