Icelandic Wool Skirts


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Wool skirts by Icelandic Designs

We couldn’t resist offering you these striking skirts, some of which match our go-to merino shirts.  Some are 100% merino wool and some a wool/acrylic blend.  All have a draw string at the waist, and can be worn as a skirt or circle scarf!  Sizes S through XL, running true to size.
purple/plum – retail $120/sale $100 100% merino M, L, XL
turquoise – retail $120/sale $100 100% merino S, M, L, XL
black/grey – retail $80   merino/acrylic mix S, L, XL
green w/ dots – retail $80   merino/acrylic mix M

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black/grey small, black/grey large, black/grey xlarge, purple/plum medium, purple/plum large, purple/plum xlarge, turquoise small, turquoise medium, turquoise large, turquoise xlarge, green w/ dots medium


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