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    Dryer Balls

    No more stiff and wrinkled laundry!  Instead, fresh and fluffy, using heim-made dryer balls. DIRECTIONS: Simply add all three balls in the dryer to create air pockets and let them go to work for you.  For a personalized scent, rub in a few drops of your favorite essential oil or scent.  Our favorite is to use one package scent free and divide another package into 3 different scented balls, sealing each in a separate plastic zip bag. Then we add the scented ball of choice to the load, making 4. large size is 3″ in...

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    Green with Flower

    These clever wine bags are individually designed using recycled, felted wool sweaters.  They are decorated with a whimsical, hand made decoration and have a leather bottom made from recycled leather coats.  They are great for gifts, but also make the perfect tote for your own wine.  Durable. Insulating. Protective. Conversation pieces.  This wine bag is green in color, decorated with a hand made whimsical felted flower closure that cleverly twists around the neck of the...

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    Hand Felted Red Wool Santa Cones

    We made 2 sizes: 1. A Santa that fits snuggly over a beer or single serving/6.3 oz. wine bottle, however you can put them over any other bottle of similar size, like hot sauce, or fill them with candy for the kids. 2. and a Funky Green Tree to fit over a full size wine bottle. Great for gifts, mantle decorations, place settings, and parties. Wool is an insulator, so if you put them over cold beer or wine bottles, they will stay...

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    Sweater flowerPatch®

    Each flowerPatch is individually designed using recycled, felted wool sweaters, and vintage buttons and beads. Great for jazzing up your hats, sweaters, jackets, coats, purses, slippers, etc.  Due to their individuality, each is slightly different in the arrangement of the color layers and the center decoration, but all are equally charming, and match the color scheme in the photo. approx. sweater ones:  3″ in...

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