Tights & Leggings

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    Comfy Leggings

    These leggings are not as heavy as our velour ones, but they are equally luxurious, and still warm and cozy.  They have a soft, flannel like feel and are great for any occasion.  They come in 2 prints, one grey and charcoal and the other multi-colored.  They have plenty of stretch and are true to size. Material: 80% polyester, 15% supplex nylon, 5% lycra Machine wash on gentle, cold water, no bleach. Machine dry on low heat, or hang dry....

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    Hand-dyed tights

    We have taken another step forward by designing our very own tights! These tights are made from space dyed yarn that creates fine, irregular patterns.  Colors include grey and charcoal, as well as several fun color combos that are hand dyed by us to create fun, asymmetrical color patterns.  Each pair is truly one of a kind. Material: One size fits most, and truly are since they fit tall or wide as beautifully as short and petite. 70% cotton, 5% lycra, and 25% supplex nylon—breathable and comfy. Wash on gentle, cold water, no bleach. Line dry. SIZE: ONE SIZE FITS MOST...

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