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Cocoon Jacket

NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER! They should be shipped out at the end of September. Perfect timing! We are full of surprises, and here is the latest–our reversible, down filled COCOON! Our spin lands somewhere between a vest/wrap/jacket, and suits any occasion you want to be wrapped in a cloud of feathers. Think chilly mornings, ball games, campfires, hanging out, cold office, throw over, or fluttering around town. It covers your tail, but “butterfly” the back with the pull strings to shorten if you wish. These come in just one color – a dark navy with a teal...

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**** PLEASE NOTE: These are on sale for $120 (FINAL SALE) because the manufacturer did not use the needle we requested so they DO LEAK DOWN FEATHERS. It is definitely noticeable if you wear a black shirt under the jacket. We’ll have non-leaking jackets to replace these later this fall. Thanks for understanding! **** You CAN PRE-ORDER the $199 version with an expected arrival of October 31 (give or take! a few days…) No matter the situation, you will feel heavenly in this versatile, 100% down pullover. Wear as a sweater or winter jacket. Either way, you will stay toasty and stylish all season long. Snow angel tested and approved. • Innovative built-in mitts, literally,...

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Jersey Scarf with FlowerPatch

Our new, charcoal jersey knit scarf/wrap is something women of all ages will LOVE, as there are endless ways to style it!  To add to the fun, we’ve included one of our large sized flowerPatches. Use it as an embellishment on your personalized design or put it on the hat or purse you wear with it. Wear them 8 different ways – it’s as multifunctional as the special mom(s) you’re celebrating this year!...

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Winter leggings-fleece/fur lined

We call these leggings one of our answers to the coldest of winters because they are so divinely cozy and warm.  The Scandinavian print leggings have thick  fleece lining and the solid black a faux fur lining. Both styles are true to size, but the solid black are a little stretchier–we’ve heard from customers that the XL in the black fits them as well as the XXL in the print.  Easy slip on, wide waistband for comfort, smooth surface on the outside with a fleecy/furry...

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Fleece Skirt

A sporty fleece skirt that works well over your cute leggings and under you down Minne-Skirt.

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A stylish tunic made from a mix of merino and tencel, making it warm as well as wrinkle resistant.  Very stylish, including scoop neck, asymmetrical hem line, baggy front pocket, and flower at the wrist. Perfect over our wide selection of leggings. Machine washable, in sizes...

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Long Down Minne-Skirt

The same great skirt…just a little bit longer!

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Seriously warm for the seriously cold! Natural leather on the outside with shearling wool on the inside. Cozy, breathable, durable, and...

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